1. Yo SLCerz, would love some eyes on some work. Holler at me if you’re around this weekend. #dreamsfromnomansland is starting to take shape.

  2. Abandoned schoolhouse, along Gary Greff’s Enchanted Highway. Regent, North Dakota. From the series D is for Friend.

    Gary was a truly inspiring character to meet, with all of the dreams he’s brought to fruition and those still in his head that he may, or may not, yet create. This school may one day become a part of the Enchanted Castle, with a dinner theatre in the tiered-concrete basement that once served as a basketball court. He described in great detail when we last spoke, a facade for the former school in which an enormous knight would slay a railcar-mounted, smoke spewing dragon every hour on the hour.

    I look forward to seeing what treasures and dreams Gary will have manifested from others’ trash by the next time I visit his Enchanted Highway and the lovely little town of Regent, North Dakota.

  3. Jamestown, North Dakota. Home of the world’s largest buffalo. From the new series D is for Friend.

  4. Downtown Dialogue. Towner, Cattle Capital of North Dakota. From the new series D is for Friend.

  5. Friday night dirt track race, Devil’s Lake North Dakota. From the new series D is for Friend.

  6. Super excited to post some new work that I’ve been putting a lot of time into. Last May, I traveled to North Dakota with Ian Bates and Jason Henry to look at the prairie land and the small town populace that depends on it. For now, this is a preview of the work, with a more exhaustive printed zine of the experience on it’s way. Many thanks to everyone who helped put this together. Stay tuned for some more new work going up this week, and in the future for more work from subsequent trips to the prairie.

  7. Joe Haddix’s Porch.

    More from Dreams from No Man’s Land as my scanning comes to a close.

  8. Strangled.

    From a new series, still in the wings, entitled¬†Dreams from No Man’s Land.

  9. Jennifer in her small hillside cabin in the woods outside of Green Bank, W.Va. From the Radio Quiet Zone, May 2014.

  10. Buffalo Burgers. Bismarck, North Dakota.

    Been on the road for the past month shooting some personal work. This week I’m in North Dakota with Ian and Jason looking at small western town populations. It’s all been on film so far but here are a few from the phone until later.


  11. Making some moves and finally starting to pull my new work together over at www.jimmcauleyphoto.com/new-work. Overwhelmingly excited for everything to come in the month of May. Working on three projects across the midwest and the northern plains. Feels great to set things in motion once again.

  12. Hailstorm. Dove Creek, Colorado.

  13. Hotel for the night. Santa Fe National Forest.

  14. Dove Creek, Colorado as the hail storm rolls in.

    Scanned a lot of film from my drive to Oklahoma last week. Eighteen hours in a car is exhausting to some, but I found the rolling depopulated western scape therapeutic. The space to roam and the space for thought to expand and fill. I could spend a lifetime in deep thought and still have more to consider.

    I will always miss Grampy’s antics, his loving support and his humorous wisdom. We spent so much time in Oklahoma visiting Nana and Grampy and the family every summer, yet the time spent in their presence seems trivial in hindsight. This trip provided my first true realization of the changing of guard and the cyclical tide of generations. One generation passes entirely into memory. Your parents fill their place, and a new round is born, catching you asleep. You find yourself growing older but feeling no more aged.

    More to come this week from ponderous travels through the open ranges of southern Utah, southwest Colorado, New Mexico, the Texas Panhandle and my family’s Oklahoma homeland.

  15. In the Grid. Downtown Salt Lake Trax Station.